Study (Guide) Break

I'm working on a study guide to Mises' Human Action. I just came across the below excerpt, and remembered why a lot of people love, and a lot of people hate, Mises:

The treatment of probability has been confused by the mathematicians. (From Chapter VI, section 2.)


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Are you saying people don't like mises because he is:

    1. Too blunt?
    2. His tone is too sure and not acceptable in academia?
    3. He is wrong (in too many academic's opinion)?

  2. Right. Basically, "Who the heck does this economist think he is, lecturing mathematicians on probability and physicists on what the uncertainty principle 'really' means?!"

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Well, I can totally see them doing that...but, is he right is a more important question they should be asking.

  4. Anonymous11:17 AM

    We must not forget that Mises' brother, Richard, was a mathematician--perhaps a little extra jab at a sibling?

  5. Anonymous11:25 AM

    And Ludwig may have been kind to his brother. At Wikipeda, I just came across this quote about Richard by one, Aleksander Ostrowski:

    Because of his dynamic personality his occasional major blunders were somehow tolerated. One has even forgiven him his theory of probability.

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