Should Peaceniks Root for McCain?

It occurs to me that if you want the US government to reduce its interference with the Middle East, then you might do well to root for a McCain victory, paradoxical as it sounds. I have two reasons for saying this:

(1) McCain will be much more able to take risks in the quest for peace. In contrast, any little thing Obama does, will be denounced by Rush Limbaugh et al. for its "weakness." I.e., only McCain can go to Iran.

(2) If things get really bad in the Middle East over the next 5 years, you don't want it blamed on "Democratic weakness." Just as those longing for fiscal conservatism should root for Obama--so that his excesses will be blamed on "liberal politicians" and not on the "conservative McCain"--by the same token, those longing for a humble foreign policy should root for McCain.

We already know that Obama won't really do anything fundamental with US troop strength in Iraq, etc., and so if your overriding concern is for American militarism to be discredited, then you should root for a McCain victory in November.


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    What will rooting for McCain accomplish?

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Who should those of us rooting for no tax increases cheer for?

  3. Anonymous4:02 AM

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