When George Bush Asked for More Oil...

...did he expect the Saudis to say yes?

Really, what the heck happened there? I keep flip flopping between thinking Bush is diabolically clever, and he knew full well the way to get Americans to clamor for ANWR drilling would be to let those Ay-rabs humiliate us in front of the world.

On the other hand, that's giving a lot of credit to Bush; not only does he have to be diabolically clever, but he has to have a thick skin too.

So which is scarier, folks? If George Bush is really clever and has no pride--and thus has largely been putting on a show for the last 7 years,


Bush was so ill-advised and so cocky, that he thought the Saudis wouldn't turn him down if he really asked. ?

I can't decide myself which of the two I believe, and which is scarier.

P.S. Why haven't the neocons gone nuts over the Saudis statement?? They said they wouldn't increase supply because the demand wasn't there, and that when their customers requested more oil they'd gladly fill those orders.

Well you see King Abdullah, if you charge $130 per barrel, people don't want to buy as much. But in economics we have this law of which we're quite fond...


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