Conservatives for Obama

"Romney is the opposite of conservative, with a plan that is fiscally reckless and a foreign policy that is unnecessarily militant. Obama has done about the best that could have been done, considering the united GOP opposition in Congress. My questions about Obamacare and my disappointment that we are not already out of Afghanistan are not enough to make me embrace a candidacy that even George W. Bush would have been repelled by—and, having had time to reflect on his own record, perhaps is." -- Wick Allison, former publisher of National Review

That's pretty darned close to my own view.


  1. I could totally understand a philosophical conservative voting for Obama the first go around with many of the positions he ran on, although there was a christian conservative running as the Constitution Party candidate that should have been more appealing, but to even consider him now, while still maintaining you're a conservative(I'm not speaking specifically to you, Gene, but self-described conservatives in general), is purely laughable.

    "Romney's foreign policy is unnecessarily militant". Probably, but it seems almost all President's foreign policies are "unnecessarily militant". Look at Obama, he has his own kill list, he's killed his own countrymen with zero due process, and he re-escalated Afghanistan back into a total quagmire. He drones people constantly, and then makes a swing around for a re-drone if you come back to clean up the dead bodies. I'm not saying Mitt Romney won't do this, but will Mitt Romney actually be worse than this? I guess he could be, but those are some big shoes for Mitt to fill for that to be the case.

    "Obama has done about the best that could have been done, considering the united GOP opposition in Congress". WHAT? He had zero opposition when he came into office, and he immediately started stimuli(omnibus, cash for clunkers, American Recovery and Re-investment Act, "green" energy subsidization, etc.), massive banking regulations that are closing community banks, and in which the big Wallstreet banks were successfully able to up their marketshare. And then he went to Obamacare, which is wildly unpopular, to the point where even the President won't talk about his own healthcare law. He still has a majority in the Senate, but ironically enough Obama's last budget proposal for 2012 garnered zero votes. A budget hasn't been passed for three years, and in the meantime we've racked up over $4.76 trillion in debt.

    I understand Romney's not conservative, but in light of Obama's record, I'd like to see multiple arguments how Romney is going to be more radical than the President has been.

    1. Someone's been hitting the GOP kool aid kind of hard.

      "He had zero opposition when he came into office..."

      I've just finished rolling around on the office floor laughing to post this:

      (You can start at about three minutes and watch Stewart call BS on this nonsense.)

    2. Good lord Gene, did you read what I typed in the context of what I had quoted? Wick said Obama did as best he could considering GOP opposition in Congress. I said, "he had zero opposition when he came into office", meaning democrats controlled both the House and the Senate. How could that statement possibly get anyone bent out of shape?

      I like Stewart, but who gives a crap what Fox News was throwing out there immediately after Obama's inauguration.

      GOP kool aid? Interesting, I don't know what caricature you have in mind, but I've yet to hear anyone from the RNC nail Obama on his drone-ification efforts, American assassinations via executive fiat, or his escalation in Afghanistan.

      The only point I was trying to make was that Wick seems he's going to vote for Obama because he's less radical than Romney. I laid out a small amount of Obama's record that proves he's pretty damn radical, and that I'd like more arguments as to why Romney will be more radical, because I've yet to see any. We also don't truly know if Romney will be more radical, it's purely speculative. Also, I won't be voting for Romney/Ryan. I guess it's some pretty weak kool aid, huh?

  2. A presidential candidate's foreign policy vanishes the month, and sometimes the day, he becomes an incumbent. Romney appears to be a pragmatist from head to toe: the twists and turns of his career demonstrate that he has no principles worth talking about. It is hard for me to imagine a man of his temperament starting a ruinous war with Iran. Granted, he's more likely to start one than Obama—but I think the difference in probabilities is pretty small.

  3. I can understand conservatives for Obama, but the ones who make me laugh -- an unkind mocking laughter -- are the libertarians for Obama.

    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Well, if it makes you feel any better, I am a libertarian for nobody. I will admit that I supported Ron Paul's campaign, but I had no intentions of actually voting for him or anybody else. People always think that's strange, but the reason is that I find voting to be immoral.


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