Is This What We Have Come To?

I heard an ad on the radio this morning. Two women are riding the subway. They begin talking nervously about a man they see, looking around nervously, with his hands in his pockets. One of the gets out her phone. The other asks, "What are you up to?"

It turns out her friend is calling a terror alert hotline! "And I've got the number bookmarked," she adds. (I think she means on speed dial or something, because I'm not clear on how you "bookmark" a phone number.) So, she calls the terror alert hotline so often she has it in her favorites list!

Meanwhile, the guy across the car has no doubt taken out his phone to call the terror hotline as well. Why? Those two nervous looking women conspiratorily chatting across the way!

We can only be safe if we all call in terror alerts on each other all the time.


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