The People Know Best: A Dialogue

Eugenius meets his good friend Mundussomnium in the forum. They greet each other warmly, and agree to continue their discussion of Mundussomnium's plans for political reform.

Eugenius: So, what news of your plans for Ancapistium, Mundussomnium?

Mundussomnium: Ah, I have received a great portent of its success, Eugenius!

E: And what is that?

M: Well, you know how replacement referees had been hired for the gladitorial contests, Eugenius?

E: Certainly!

M: Well, it seems the people have risen up and demanded the original referees back! It turns out that they are very keen judges themselves of who doles out justice properly, and who does so shoddily and with favoritism.

E: But as I understood it, the replacement referees had done a pretty good job. But never mind that, let's assume you are correct: The people are very good judges of justice, you say?

M: Yes, this shows that they are indeed.

E: And your proposed regime of Ancapistium will be much more just than the current regime?

M: Yes it will.

E: Then can you explain why, of the people, not one in a thousand accepts your system as more just than the current regime?

M: [Stares up at the clouds for some time, and then gives a start.] Eugenius, I just realized I've left my garum fermenting for too long! I must run home and tend to it!


  1. I'm pretty sure garum can't over-ferment. M needs to come up with better excuses!

  2. I get your name, but what does Mundussomnium mean? Or is that something Mundussomnium *would* ask?

    1. It's just two Latin words lumped together.

    2. Anonymous11:29 AM

      He's basically saying that you are living in a fantasyland regarding the world around you. At least, that's what I read from it.

  3. "Then can you explain why not one in a hundred Soviet republics uses your 'market'-based food rationing mechanism?"

    1. So you are arguing that people are really not very good judges of justice, Silas?


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