New Yorkers at the Curb

I love New York, and I love New Yorkers. It doesn't mean I don't see their (our? Am I a New Yorker yet?) faults.

One of them is a ridiculous level of impatience. If you are turning and stop your car for a family crossing the side street (legally, with the walk sign!) the guy behind you will honk. "Hey, I'm in a hurry! Run that family over so I can go."

Another symptom of this is that New Yorkers don't wait on the sidewalk to cross the street. Instead, they wait three feet off of the curb. That's bad enough -- it definitely makes turns more difficult -- but the worst is when they do this with their baby in the stroller in front of them. The baby is another two feet in the street past them. It's like they are using the baby as a canary in the coal mine: "Well, if the baby gets hit, I guess I should step back a little."


  1. Anonymous10:38 PM

    For what it's worth, people do that first thing in D.C. too. Drives me nuts.


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