Talking to a Right Winger These Days

Typically it seems to go like this:

RW: Man, I got a bee sting. Really hurts!

ME: That's too bad.

RW: Yeah, friggin' Obama.

ME: Huh?

RW: Well, Obama is into the environment, isn't he?

ME: I guess.

RW: And bees are part of the environment, aren't they! There you have it: Friggin' Obama!


  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    What do you mean by "right winger"? It's a term that is quite open to interpretation. Surely, many modern liberals would consider me to be far right, but I don't consider that to be the case. I personally think that I've adopted a wide spectrum of political beliefs, usually going with what I feel to be correct rather than political association (left/right), and it continues to evolve as I become aware of new ideas.

    Jeffrey Tucker has actually been a real influence on me regarding political labels, ideology, and the like. Hopefully you know what I mean by this. If not, I can elaborate.

  2. I believe J. K. Galbraith was correct in saying that there is no such thing as the "right wing", but only a lot of noise that pretends to be analysis.

    Giving them any name or label implies they are learned people who happen to be on the different side of the debate. But things like blaming a President for anything and everything is just bad logic - it's not an alternative philosophical tradition with its own merits.

  3. Should've asked him/her what they think about Romney's economic policies. When they just look at you with a blank stare you can reply, "Don't worry, Romney doesn't know what they are either."

  4. Israeli prime minister is rather centrist, so any given political activist can blame him on whatsoever. We keep a Facebook group called "beacuse of Bibi", to refer to when anyone gives any unspecified complaint.

  5. Unsophisticated right-wingers lack the ability to articulate the real reasons for their fear, so it often comes sputtering out in nonsensical ways that sophisticates enjoy scoffing at. Given that the mainstream right-wing leadership in America is weak-kneed and liberal (in the sense of Jim Kalb's definition), it is not surprising that the rabble rabble conservatives are like chickens with their heads cut off, unable to find the words or coherent reasons to explain their rage at what is happening.

    1. Are you saying there incoherence is ALSO Obama's fault?

    2. Gene, that interpretation would require very poor reading comprehension.

    3. Gene, the only way someone could have possibly questioned John Goes' response to be "are you saying it's Obama's fault?" is to basically secede that you're an Obama voter. If that is the case then just say, "yes". Otherwise, explain how you could possibly come up with such a ridiculous question to what is essentially basic analysis.

    4. "Given that the mainstream right-wing leadership in America is weak-kneed and liberal"

      Sorry, I was reading too fast, and just saw "mainstream leadership." Missed "right-wing."


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