Rosetta Stone: How Can Something So Expensive Be So Buggy?

First of all, they force upgrades on you. If the software detects an available upgrade, you can choose between installing it and quitting. So you have no option but to go through the upgrade nightmare if you want to keep using the software.

Then, the upgrade process never works properly. This time, they didn't actually install the software like they said they would: every time I started up, they demanded I upgrade again. What I really had to do was manually run an install package, but the software didn't mention that.

Now that I have the new version actually installed, it notes my (optional) online subscription has elapsed, and asks if I want to renew it. Well, I don't, but the program simply won't progress past the point of asking about this.

Every single forced upgrade has been similarly awful.

Does Rosetta Stone not even run through the upgrade process themselves before they force it on us?!


  1. It takes a lot of money to make truly bad software.

    Software which is bad and lightly funded never sees the light of day.

    Rosetta can afford a whole *team* of people to run through the upgrade process. They're getting quite good at it.

  2. Install the software on an old computer not hooked up to the internet. It'll never know it needs updating.


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