Filipino Mop, Baby Version

Now, one of the best innovations I have absorbed from my exposure to Filipino culture is the improvement in mopping the floor I have learned. You keep a couple of rags in the corner of the kitchen. Then, when you are cooking or whatever, and you notice the floor is dirty, you spray a little cleaning solution on the floor, and proceed to walk around with the rags under your feet as you work. I'm quite serious, this is a relatively painless way to get the floor clean; much better than getting out a mop and bucket.

But now, someone has come up with a way to have your baby do this for you!

Yes, this is a serious product! As SNL Weekend Update put it, this is just what you need, if you were thinking, "How can I get all of this dirt and bacteria off of the floor and onto my baby?" UPDATE: Perhaps I was duped: what was a picture of the baby mop last night became a picture saying "I love Gadizimo!" this morning. A marketing ploy -- release a stupid product campaign that will make news and then swap out the image for some self-promotion?


  1. What about the areas where you aren't working? Do you get those at the end? Agreed about the superiority of that method over standard mopping.

    It's even easier to tell when the floor is clean versus mopping since the rags are a better indicator than rinsewater.

    1. Well, I may even do them while working if I notice they are dirty.


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