Today's Students...

are rather courteous, or so it seems to me. For instance, they regularly hold the door for people (of either sex), or, when they are getting off of the school shuttle bus, they thank the driver. I do not recall my cohort being as courteous as students.


  1. This might be more usual, but during our Tuesday lecture for our grad International Monetary Theory class the professor called on me to interpret something. Unfortunately, I spent 30 seconds looking like an idiot, because I didn't want to come out and say that I wasn't paying attention. I ended up saying that, and after class I apologized for my professor for being rude.

  2. David Brooks had a column about this - that the troublemaking and delinquent generation is far off in the past, and today, the youth are simply much more restrained.

    It was more typical in the old days for the boys to be more defiant, more aggressive, and more violent. As more women show up in the teaching staff and among the students, the atmosphere feminized a bit and even the boys became like that.


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