Overheard on the Changing Nature of Special Education

Child: There are lots of special ed kids on the basketball team.
Mom: Special ed kids?! They make the basketball team?
Child: Not like when you were a kid, mom. They have ADD or behavioral problems, not Down's syndrome.
Mom: Are there Down's syndrome kids in special ed?
Child: No way! The special ed kids would terrorize them.


  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Actually, the kid is somewhat correct. Most schools have both standard special education (for the mentally retarded) and severe behavior handicap (SBH) programs; my public school had both programs when I was growing up. Obviously, the needs of a mentally retarded child are going to be different than a child with behavioral issues such as ADD, so it makes sense to have two separate curriculums. While he is referring to them both as special ed (which isn't entirely incorrect), his statement that the kids in the SBH special education classes would terrorize those in the standard (non-behavioral) special ed classes is very correct. I mean, if they have a severe behavioral handicap, that is pretty indicative that they aren't the most tactful of persons.


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