Phil Lesh Conducts Stravinsky

Welcome to your all-Stravinsky, all-the-time blog!

UPDATE II: Screw this autoplay nonsense: Here is a link to the piece if you'd like to hear it.

"That was a very exciting experience for me, conducting music that I really, really love: Stravinsky and Elliott Carter." -- Phil Lesh

Ken B, your evaluation?

UPDATE: Does anyone know how to stop autoplay of this mp3?


  1. I can't see anything. I'll try another computer when I get a chance.

    Phil Lesh has been a terrific booster of modern British classical music, through the Rex Foundation. Robert Simpson in particular. I think Simpson's 9th symphony one of the greatest symphonies ever written.

  2. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Well, you're making at least two of us happy.

  3. Phil done good. The ensemble struggles in a couple places but never falls apart. And he gets them back together. It's a tough piece, with so many fragments in so many places.

    Here for comparison is the SF Sym and Tilson Thomas -- a very uder rated conductor.


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