Stravinsky Mashup

Well, today, for the first time ever, we discussed Stravinsky on this blog. I came home tonight, and my oldest son, who studies jazz at LaGuardia High School, was the only one around. I said, "Let me show you something."

It was a YouTube video of Phil Lesh and Friends, including jazz great Stanley Jordan, performing "Stairway to Heaven" two nights ago in Manhattan. I thought he'd get a kick out of it because of Jordan, because he is a Zeppelin fan, and because the drummer in the band (Joe Russo) is good buddies with my son's drum teacher:

 Well, this got him in the mood to hear music on YouTube, and he selected a Phish video. I said, "Do you realize, when you were about ten, you saw Phil Lesh, half of Phish, and Joe Russo all sharing the stage at Bethel Woods?"

He didn't. Anyway, then he chose a second video. It was the duo that had been at his school today. The video was of the pair performing... The Rite of Spring:

So on the same day I discussed Stravinsky on this blog for the first time ever, my son played a piece by Stravinsky on the computer for the first time ever.

And by the way, how did I get into Stravinsky in the first place?

Through Phil Lesh, who has both conducted and performed Stravinsky's music.

Oh, and the name of the duo that appeared at my son's school and was performing Stravinsky on YouTube?


And I didn't, I swear, do any acid at all today. Really.


  1. The Ebony Concerto is Stravinsky's tribute to jazz. Written for Benny Goodman, who plays it here, Stravinsky conducting

    I can also give a blanket recommendation to the Robert Kraft recordings of Stravinsky on Naxos.

  2. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Today ...


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