A Little Scare

I saw an good friend of mine yesterday. When we met, he looked dreadful. In fact, he broke down in tears.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

For a moment he couldn't speak. Finally, he managed to force out the news: "I just found out I have high blood pressure and need to go on medication."

"High blood pressure?" I said. "That's it? The way you looked, I was sure you were going to tell me something absolutely terrible, like your mom died, or you had just seen a bad review of Oakeshott on Rome and America."


  1. hi gene

    I really liked your book, it really got me into study economics.

    but what went wrong? don't you agree with the austrian school of economics anymore?

    Do you think it is still worth studying?

    1. "don't you agree with the austrian school of economics anymore?"

      It is wrong to think of there being a single view promoted by the Austrian school. There are many disagreements among those who call (called) themselves Austrians. I agree with some Austrians on some things, others Austrians on other things, and on some things perhaps none at all.

      "Do you think it is still worth studying?"



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