Is Iran Scary?

Or, should it be, to us? Pat Buchanan thinks not:

"On Monday, Rubin declared that America’s 'greatest national security threat is Iran.' Do conservatives really believe this?

"How is America, with thousands of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, scores of warships in the Med, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, bombers and nuclear subs and land-based missiles able to strike and incinerate Iran within half an hour, threatened by Iran?

"Iran has no missile that can reach us, no air force or navy that would survive the first days of war, no nuclear weapons, no bomb-grade uranium from which to build one. All of her nuclear facilities are under constant United Nations surveillance and inspection."

Jennifer Rubin must be the morally ugliest columnist in a major paper today.


  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Yep, she's pretty ugly ... morally, too.

  2. Her coverage of the Hagel affair was pathetic and desperate.


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