The Mouth of Truth

Once in a while I get a tin-eared commenter who complains about the blog title, and about how "arrogant" I am to claim this title for myself.

If you are inclined to do this, look over to your right on the screen. A little further. See that photo? That is a chintzy fortune-telling machine that was down the street from where I stayed in Siena. You'd pump in a Euro, and it would tell you you were going to meet a tall, dark stranger, or whatever. It was called "Mouth of Truth." (Yeah, no "the": I'm not sure why not.)

So the goal with the title was to be funny. If you think the joke failed, OK. But at least realize it was an attempt at a joke and not a serious claim. (Of course, I try to write the truth, but I am sure I often fail. Just not on "own-rates.")


  1. This will always be Crash Landing to me.

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    You know, I was wondering why you kept that title for so long. I'm guessing that the more people complained the more determined you were to keep it.


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