When the Machines Take Over

I eject a CD from the player in my car. Then I spend a little time searching for the one I really want to put in. But, if I spend just a second too long... I lose! The player sucks the CD back in.

What the fark? I deliberately ejected the thing. What the heck should it matter how long I want to leave it sitting half in the drive? But I guess my CD player knows better than me: if I leave t he CD sitting there for twenty seconds, I must really want to hear it again, after all!


  1. I think it's vulnerable to leave a CD hanging out halfway, though? Like it assumes you must have forgotten about it, and then if your 3-year-old stumbles on it, it will snap in half. I'm being serious.

    1. That's a fine point at home, but I rarely let 3-year-olds run around in the front seat of my car.

  2. Anonymous6:04 PM

    I understand what you mean, and I actually wish that they would extend the time. However, the best place for a CD is either in a case or in the tray of the CD player. If left in the eject slot, then there can be damage caused to the CD by the vibrations caused during driving, as well as undue wear and tear upon the parts and mechanisms involved in safely receiving and ejecting disks.

    My advice to you is to get an iPod (or equivalent) if you have an auxiliary jack, or if no AUX jack, then pull out the CD after you hit eject (after all, why would you hit eject if you didn't actually intend to remove the disk?).


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