Cis and Trans

"Cis" means "this side" ("cisAlpine") or "same side" ("cis,cis-butadiene") and "trans" means the opposite. But, suddenly, "cis" on the model of same sex and "trans" on the model of nonstandardly opposite-to-expected gender often mean pretty much the same thing, as in "cissexual" and "trans people"! See how sex spoils everything? Your mama warned you, but did you listen?


  1. I'm very confused; "cis" and "trans" are antonyms in the context of gender.

  2. Shonk: Well, yes, formally, they are antonyms everywhere; my point is that in the context of gender it gets a bit confusing.

  3. I'm certainly confused, though not, I think, but what these words actually mean. A cissexual is someone who identifies as a gender which matches their genetic sex; a transsexual is someone who identifies as a gender which does not match their genetic sex. So how do these "mean pretty much the same thing", exactly?

    1. Problem with discussion brought to the forum just because they are confusion is that they are, and the participants, are confused. I'm going to lie down.


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