Dead Again

My insomnia movie last night was Dead Again. Three observations:

1) When Kenneth Branagh wants to act like what he thinks of as "an American," what he does is make the character act like a jerk. Just check him out in some of the hypnotism scenes.

2) Emma Thompson has a bad case of "the overactings." I don't know her whole ouvre, but she did it here and she sure did it in the Harry Potter movies. I think actors with English stage training tend to be prone to this: the amount of emoting necessary to project an emotion from a stage to someone sitting in the back row of a theater is way more than is necessary to portray the same emotion when you have a camera on you in a close-up.

3) Andy Garcia: When Hollywood tries to make a young person look old, why do they always wind up make them look like they're wearing a Halloween costume instead? I'm no makeup expert, so I assume this is a very difficult make up task. If so, why not just dye Garcia's hair white, and have him stay up all night drinking before he has to play the old version of his character? Yes, he might not look like he was 80, but he wouldn't look like a ridiculous parody of an old person.


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