With a title like that...

You'd think you were halfway through the book already.

Bailyn describes the utopian reformer Pieter Plockhoy, who founded a small utopian community along the Delaware. Perhaps Plockhoy's greatest work, but certainly his greatest title, was:

A way propounded to make the poor in these and other nations happy, by bringing together a fit, sutable, and well–qualified people into one household–government, or little common-wealth, wherein everyone may keep his propriety, and be imployed in some work or other, as he shall be fit, without being oppressed. Being the way not only to these and other nations from idle, evil, and disorderly persons, but also from all such as have sought and found out many inventions, to live upon the labour of others. Blessed is he that considereth the poor... He shall be blessed upon the earth. (The Barbarous Years, p. 314)


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