The Return of Wabulon!

The legendary Wabulon, who, contrary to rumors, was probably not with Aaron Hernandez the night Odin Lloyd was shot, has resumed blogging!

Meaning you can't blame me for everything!


  1. Anonymous1:57 AM

    I don't know that I've ever read a post by Wabulon, I think I began reading your blog during his hiatus, so I guess that I look forward to what he/she has to say in future posts. I'm always seeking out different perspectives, so I hope that this will be somewhat refreshing.

    Since I am unfamiliar with Wabulon (other than seeing the name listed as a contributor), I wonder if you could give me a brief description of what to expect.

    1. See his post on a^b and b^a.

    2. Anonymous12:24 AM

      Ha, somehow I missed that. If that post is any indication, I can look forward to posts that challenge the borders of my comprehension. Great!

      BTW, I finally got to reading that Voegelin book that you recommended, but I unfortunately only had time to read the first chapter yesterday.

      I must say that I am finding it very interesting even with only having read a small portion. Much of what he is saying with regard to symbols, representatives, agents, articulation, etc run very parallel to my own thinking, I just had never thought of it in a formalized system in which he is approaching it. I also liked how he understood that time and place-- the true historical context-- was very important in understanding politics.

      Obviously, I still have a ways to go, but thus far I think that you've made a good recommendation. Once I finish this I will then move on to the other book that you recommended (by Oakeshott).

      Of course, I think that there was a method behind your recommending of these two particular books to me ... both were conservatives, both rejected libertarianism, both had certain aspects of pluralism, both had similar conclusions, and they had different philosophical groundings (relativist vs realist). Let me know if I am onto something, or if I am out to left field ...


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