It's a Loosing Battle!

Has anyone else noticed that misspelling "losing" as "loosing" is becoming extremely common in the last few years? I don't recall ever seeing this before, perhaps, five or ten years ago, but now I see it all the time.

Or was I just missing this in the past?


  1. Reminds me of a Cheers episode. Norm takie someone to the Hungry Heifer. The guest marvels at the prices

    "Wow, a pound of lobster for a buck!"
    "Not lobster, loobster."
    "It's patented. They make it out of something"
    "Oh. I don't want that."
    "Try the bef."

  2. I bet it has to do with the difficulty of getting smart phone key boards to believe you when you want loosing instead of losing. Since loosing is a much rarer word, the if there's an auto-correct algorithm in effect it will correct it to losing most of the time.


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