Sunday, November 24, 2013

At JFK high school

On the radio today I hear, "Lessons from the ex-president's life are instilled every day at JFK High School."

I'm picturing, "OK, kids, let's say you have a liaison with a mistress this morning, but you are worn out from having spent last night with a different mistress. Which pill do you want to pop, a barbiturate or an amphetamine?"


  1. All presidents who are revered have some not-so-great aspects. George Washington's teeth, Thomas Jefferson's mistress, Abraham Lincoln's wartime measures, Grover Cleveland's anti-unionism, TR's nationalism, FDR's tendency towards centralization and his internment camps for the Japanese, Woodrow Wilson's… Come to think of it, Woodrow Wilson was just a piece of scum.

  2. One more thing: Mind blown.


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