Monday, November 04, 2013

How Does a Computer See a Graph?

I just heard a lecturer ask the above question.

It is very much like asking 'How does "A Starry Night" look to the canvas upon which Van Gogh painted it?'

The right question is, "How do we use a computer to represent a matrix?" (How did Van Gogh use a canvas to represent a starry night?)


  1. I think the "right question" depends upon the context.

    If we're discussing computers and AI then the question "How Does a Computer See a Graph?": would be more relevant than ""How do we use a computer to represent a matrix?".

    (your answer to the first question might be "it doesn't" - but that doesn't mean the question was wrong in the context of the discussion),

    1. You are right, and I didn't give the context, but it wasn't AI.

  2. How does Wabulon see a graph?


That was a great rendition!

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