Those low-paying service sector jobs

In commenting on a previous post, some readers felt that new service sector jobs would pay subsistence wages.

But they ain't so low-paying:

"According to the WSJ, “A good housekeeper earns $60,000 to $90,000 a year. A lady’s maid can make $75,000 a year. A butler may start at $80,000 a year and can earn as much as $200,000.”

Another reader wondered what this economy would consist of: would everyone just be giving each other haircuts and back rubs? No, you and I will be giving haircuts and back rubs to the people who own the hundred billion dollar robotic factories.


  1. With 20 servants per 100-bil-factory owners, we should have full employment tout de suite.

    1. Those factories will be owned by more than one person. Plus there are others who will want servants: e.g., the investment bankers who funded those factories.

      John, I am not totally in favor of this brave new world. But the personal servant bit strikes me as a return to more organic connections between members of different social classes, and certainly healthier than those between factory owners and assembly-line workers.


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