You... You... Homophobic Slur, You!

Apparently that is an insult you can hurl:

"What isn’t easy to see is how he could still deny that his actions — throwing balls at players and referring to them as homophobic slurs — were not just idiotic but in fact abusive."


  1. Gene, sir, do you ever get the strange feeling that the country is slowing losing it's mind? I have had this unsettling idea going over in my head for a bit - and the latest news seems to confirm it more and more.

    Just going to one of my gaming and movie sites, IGN, resulted in a rumor that Jennifer Lawrence was going to be playing Han Solo in the new Star Wars movies. The fact that people actually thought of this as being legitimate just, I don't know? Stupefies me?

    Some of the reactions from feminists are the usual; gender is a made up construct, blah blah blah, etc. Apparently, if I tell you that I am Caesar, or Gene Callahan, or Robert Murphy instead of Alex Woollends, I am crazy.

    If I tell you I am a woman, I am on the cutting edge of gender philosophy.

    Sorry to ramble...



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