House of Cards

It had been recommended to me for some time, but when I started watching, I saw Kevin Spacey talking to the camera, and turned it off immediately. I hate that crap.

However, my son was watching it tonight, and so I began watching it again. It is not bad. Despite the talking to the camera.

What I found really hilarious while watching, however, is libertarians who think, "Wow, this is such a libertarian show!" Because politicians behaving badly.

People close to power become greedy for power. If anyone had ever thought it worthwhile to make a TV program about the behavior of the CEOs of ancap defense agencies, we would see them behaving just like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards.

Cause that's what people are like when they are around power. Whether there is an entity called "The State" around or not.


  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    House of Cards is basically an updating of Richard III. And in the play, Richard talks directly to the audience. So Kevin Spacey taking to the camera is in keeping with the original source material.


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