Things I have learned from the TV show Crossing Lines

1) Top-flight computer experts keep the only backup of years of coding work on the exact same computer where the code itself is stored.

2) Foreign languages aren't really spoken on a regular basis. For instance, if two Italians, or two Slovenians, are talking, they will speak 80% of the time in English, and only switch into Italian or Slovenian for short spurts, apparently to add local color to their conversation.

3) If you have access to the GPS chip on someone's phone, you can easily figure out where they are. But apparently this utterly fails when they are within your plain sight, a hundred yards away. No, instead you must let them get several miles distant from you, and then only catch up to them at intervals of 20 or 30 minutes.

4) Donald Sutherland no longer reads his own lines. A Donald-Sutherland-simulating script-to-speech AI now reads them all for him.

5) In Poland, it is "really starting to snow" when there are a couple of flakes drifting to the ground every minute, the kind of "blizzard" that lays down a quarter of an inch in a couple of hours.


  1. I'm willing to forgive 2) when they don't want to have entire scenes subtitled. I get that they're speaking Slovenian and it's only scripted in English for convenience of the target audience.

    1. Yes, I'm down with that too, Silas. But then what are we to make of them occasionally speaking actual Slovenian? That's what I find jarring: wasn't the whole conversation *already* supposed to be in Slovenian?


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