Is texting other people from the same table during your brunch date:

Neither of these two even put down there phones to eat. And the couple of times they spoke, they held the phone just to the side of their face: "You may speak, but you better know that you're interrupting something important."


  1. I wish I were there, so I could take a photo of you and post it on my blog with the commentary, "A sad man, who goes around judging others instead of talking to his kids."

    1. Hmm, see their faces in the picture, Bob?

      Oh, wait, you don't, do you? And I deliberately cut those faces out -- they were in the original.

      Why is that? Because my interest is not in judging *those two people*, but in noting the social phenomena.

  2. Oh, I take it back then. I thought you were making fun of two people who lacked faces. And I thought, "Geez Gene, haven't they suffered enough?!"

    1. Okay, but did you consider the reason their faces weren't there? Cause the post ain't about them, or "making fun of them," but about a deeply disturbing social phenomena.


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