The tolerance of "liberals"

I inquired of a left-wing friend, "What if a Muslim photographer is asked to photograph a drunken pagan orgy involving ritual sex with a statue of Mohammed built out of pork? Does he have the right to decline?"

He answered, "If the orgy is not breaking any laws, no."

Ah, the freedom to crush the conscience of others!


  1. While that is a pretty bad reply, it (fortunately) doesn't sound characteristic of opinion on the issue. (It's not clear whether you intend that as a characteristic example of left-wing thought on the issue.) In most discussions I've seen on this, those who support such anti-discrimination laws distinguish between things that require the seller to "get in on the act" vs merely supply stuff for it.

    They would (again, to their credit) say that that would be going to far, but insist that the Muslim still have to sell them film, lighting advice, etc once he knows what it will be used for.

    1. It sounds like a man trapped into appearing consistent. My impression is that nothing is too offensive to demand of those christians but that Muslim sensibilities will be coddled as far as inclination and practice goes, but people avoid looking quite that foolishly inconsistent.

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    If I may inquire, what does your friend do for a living?


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