Ezra Klein, Phoney baloney

Ezra Klein is apoplectic about Donald Trump's recent statements on the Khans. He is sputtering about how no previous president or presidential candidate would have ever done anything so horrible.

Now, I think Trump's remarks were ill-considered, and I have endorsed Jill Stein for president. There is no doubt the Trump spouts a lot of nonsense, and some of it is mean-spirited.

But we have had presidents who owned slaves and moved them in and out of the capitol so they would not become free, who owned slaves and impregnated them, who imprisoned people who criticized their policies, who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Filipinos in order to make them "Christian" when they had been Catholic for several centuries already, who imprisoned thousands of people in concentration camps based solely on their ethnic origins, who authorized the destruction of entire cities containing hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children, who lied us into wars, who authorized the use of torture, and who have killed thousands of noncombatants in drone strikes.

But to Klein, all of that is apparently just the way the cookie crumbles. However, when Trump says something mean, that, that is an unimaginable depth of moral degradation! Mr. Klein, have you no shame?


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