R. R. Reno on the logic of hyper-discrimination awareness


"This dynamic operates most visibly at our universities, where well-off, mostly white liberals—the post-Protestant WASPs—rule. The legitimacy of this elite depends upon its commitment to 'include' the 'excluded.' It goes without saying that an Ivy League administrator must manage the optics very carefully to sustain 'marginality' among the talented students who have gained admission. 'Microaggression' and other key terms in the ever-­evolving scholasticism of discrimination thus play very useful roles. They renew the threats of discrimination and exclusion, and this reinforces the power of liberal elites. Their institutional ascendancy is necessary to protect and provide patronage to the 'excluded.' I’m quite certain that if political correctness succeeds in suppressing 'microaggressions,' we’ll soon hear about 'nano-­aggressions.' The logic of solidarity in marginality requires oppression, and solidarity in marginality is necessary in order to sustain liberal power."

Just so: all the talk of "white privilege" and "microaggressions" and so forth is the ideological superstructure by which the current ruling class fosters belief in the legitimacy of its rule.

The terrible part of all this is that the people from minority groups who are duped into being pawns in the ruling class's game are being terribly harmed: who do you think will do better in life, a black student who spends his time at university getting a masters in computer science, or one who spends his time learning how to be hypersensitive concerning the least slip of the tongue anyone around him might make about his heritage?


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