How could that happen?

The NY Times recently reported that "Mr. Trump has used bankruptcy laws to shield him from personal losses while his investors suffer."

So the NY Times is against the existence of bankruptcy laws? Because this is what every bankruptcy does! They have phrased this to make it look as though Trump is doing something dirty and underhanded, but that is only the case if every single bankruptcy is dirty and underhanded. And I don't think the NY Times believes that.


  1. The honest but unfortunate person in financial difficulty should be entitled to use the bankruptcy laws to get out of trouble and be able to return to rebuilding their life. It is when people like Mr. Trump wear bankruptcy like a badge of honour, without a single ounce of compassion for those that got hurt, that is highly offensive.

    If he only came out and said that the business climate changed and his companies needed to use the bankruptcy laws to save the good parts, so that his companies could countinue to employ the people whose families rely upon him for their livelihood, it would have a totally different spin. IMO.


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