Nice Scott Adams post on Comey


Adams is correct. The Romans understood this well: no one could be prosecuted for any crime while holding office


  1. But Hillary doesn't hold office.

    1. That was an EXAMPLE of the kind of regard for legitimacy Adams was talking about. And you forgot to point out that Clinton is not Roman!

    2. But don't you think there's a pretty substantive difference, in terms of the logic/telos behind such a (non-)practice?

      Prosecuting an existing office holder is substantively different from disqualifying a potential one.

  2. Well, I guess Comey could indict her, and then the Democratic convention could nominate someone else for president, which the voters really might like better.

  3. But we're not Rome! We should hold our officials accountable. (I don't know if Hillary is guilty of anything as I haven't been paying attention to the email stuff or her.)


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