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* Sign on bus from Reading to Heathrow: "Seat belts must be worn."
I didn't have mine on, but if the driver came over, I was going to say, "But seat belts are being worn -- for instance, the fellow across the aisle is wearing one.

* I just encountered "all-in-one" sinks in the UK this trip. You stick hands underneath, and first it sdumps soap on them. Then it puts the water on for about ten seconds, then shuts that off and turns on the dryer. Hover, I noticed the "water phase" had not washed all of the soap off of my hands. And then I realized that. if I wanted more water, I'd have to accept more soap as well -- and the problem would just grow worse!

* I was just looking at submitting a paper to a journal called The Journal of the History of Thought. This made me decide I want to start my own journal, describing my every fleeting notion passing through my head, The Journal of the History of Gene's Thought. Oh, come to think of...

* Apparently escaping the notice of cretins like Dawkins is the fact that every argument against something is ultimately an "argument from incredulity." Why in the world would you argue against something if you found it believable? And why would you accept something you found unbelievable? (Of course, you might have found it unbelievable at first and later have become convinced.)


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