Monday, August 13, 2007

Murphy Four-Play Monday

This is rare folks, but the stars have aligned such that I have a wall of multimedia propaganda for you today. If I had an agent, he'd probably tell me to tone it down lest I become the Paris Hilton of anarchist writers.

(1) On LRC I discuss YouTube questions for the Republicans.

(2) On I admit I was wrong (I told you it was a special day!), and now think that the trade deficit is a serious issue.

(3) The Hillsdale Daily News ran a story about my book today. I don't remember saying the exact sentences attributed to me, but I was on the phone at my in-laws and may have endorsed socialism, for all I know.

(4) has made my CSPAN appearance available. (Whole .wmv file or streaming link.)

1 comment:

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