Nut Job Ron Paul Supporters

Oh, Ron Paul came in 3rd place with almost 19% of the vote in the Illinois straw poll. Did you hear about that on your way to work?

I love this article's conclusion:

Paul's libertarian stylings and campaign of strict interpretation of the Constitution has earned him an unorthodox band of sign-carrying supporters. They frequently interrupted TV reports of the event and at one point, Romney's Illinois chairman, state Sen. Dan Rutherford (R-Chenoa), ripped a sign out of one Paul supporter's hands and threw it on the ground.

What weirdos! The nerve of these people. It's bad enough that they vote in online polls even when they know full well that they aren't scientific samples and so will exaggerate the strength of the support for their candidate. And then as if that's not enough, they go to political events carrying signs! Have they no shame?!


  1. BrianH3:54 PM

    Compilation of all 12 Republican Straw Polls so far. Results for Ron Paul:

    Firsts - 5
    Seconds - 2
    Thirds - 2
    Fifth - 1
    Last - 2

    April 21, 2007, Greenville, SC ~ Last 0.24% (1/421)
    April 21, 2007, Spartanburg, SC ~ Last 0% (0/700)
    April 21, 2007, Richland, SC ~ Last 0% (0/126)
    June 16, 2007, conference ~ 2nd 16.7% (NA)
    July 7, 2007, Concord, NH ~ 1st 61.9% (182/294)
    July 28, 2007, Georgetown, SC ~ 2nd 18% (40/223)
    August 4, 2007, National Federation of Republican Assemblies, St. Louis, MO ~ 3rd 14% (NA)
    August 11, 2007, Ames, IA ~ 5th 9.12% (1,305/14,302)
    August 13, 2007, Gaston, NC ~ 1st 36.6% (NA)
    August 17, 2007, Springfield, IL ~ 3rd 18.87% (174/922)
    August 18, 2007, Stafford, NH ~ 1st 72.7% (208/286)
    August 18, 2007, West Alabama ~ 1st 81.2% (216/266)

  2. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Ron Paul supporters are certainly enthusiastic, but they seem rather level-headed in dealing with the goon Sen. Rutherford handed the sign to that he ripped from a Ron paul supporter.

  3. Robert Edward Johnson3:43 AM

    The above-mentioned YouTube was formerly mentioned on Dan Rutherford's WikiPedia entry, along with the above Tribune quote from a reporter who personally witnessed Dan Rutherford doing this. All of that, including Dan Rutherford's role as Mitt Romney's Illinois Campaign Chairman, is now missing, as if some Dan Rutherford henchman deleted it.

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