I May Take a Hostage...

...if I don't soon figure out Word 2007's spacing. I just highlighted everything in the document and in the Paragraph section chose "Single" for the Line Spacing, but I still could probably fit a pencil in between the 11-pt lines of text. What the heck? And while I'm at it, sometimes when I hit Enter it does some sort of extra line jump.

I used to think it was really cliched to complain about Microsoft, but I get it now.


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    It sounds like you have Vista?

  2. To save your potential hostage from hours of lectures on insurance, pacifism, and idealism, I recommend the following:

    Look at the controls to the left of where you set paragraph spacing to "Single." There should be two controls to set the point spacing before and after each line. Set both "Before" and "After" to "0 pt".


  3. Andy,

    You the man. I let the hostage go and turned myself in.


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