Well, Who Hasn't...

navigated a revolutionary era sub through New York harbor?

My friend Duke Riley makes a splash with his latest art project.

Update: The NY Times runs a video of Duke on its front web page.


  1. That is one of the coolest things I have ever heard of. Do you think he'll get it back? Are you close enough friends to get a ride in it?

  2. I imagine he will get it back, and he needs it back as the main exhibit in his next gallery show. I certainly could get a "ride" in it, although all it can do at present is bob along in the current. In fact, I will appear on video in the exhibit featuring this sub, playing a conspiracy-minded history professor. Tonight, I made a serious effort to get arrested along with Duke by playing 4-on-4 capture the flag in the middle of a main Brooklyn street at 3 am, but all I succeeded in doing was getting a severe gash above my eye as I pursued an opponent. Oh, won't someone arrest me and put me on the front page of every New York paper?

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