The Military Breaks Down Prejudices?

We often hear how great the military is at integration. Well maybe. But in this shocking story, we hear that a woman "airman" was allegedly raped by 3 of our nation's finest, and then she backed down from testifying because of intimidation by superiors etc.

Now she is facing a court-martial. You might say, "Oh for false rape charges?" No, for indecent sexual acts with the men. Oh, this is relevant: She could end up as a registered sex offender, and the 3 men won't be because they were granted immunity in exchange for their testimony against her. (You know, "We all performed consensual indecent sex acts, and I feel horrible about it.")

(My wife found this story on a feminist blog. They weren't too happy about it.)


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I can't figure it out. Why would she have to register as a sex offender? They allow minor aged men in the military? It does not add up. Perhaps this is a AP style Blarism?


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