Don't Get Da Dems

OK, folks, who can explain why Obama crushes Hillary in Minnesota, but she dominates him in Tennessee? Why does he swamp her in Colorado and Idaho, while she easily bests him in Arizona. The usual explanations just don't seem to fit -- I'm pretty sure Arizona has more blacks than Idaho, and both are pretty far from either candidate's home state. And does Minnesota being near Illinois really explain such support for Obama? Does Tennessee being near Arkansas explain much about Hillary's support? Connecticut is pretty near New York, and Clinton lost there. Why is 'way white' Utah going towards Obama, while diverse California swings towards Clinton (as of 11:43 EST)?

And in many cases these results are landslides -- it's not like it's 51% - 49% in every state, and Hillary takes some and Obama others.

Confused in Brooklyn

UPDATE, 12:40 AM EST: OK, Obama is crushing Clinton in Alaska, 73-23. Pretty darn white, very far from Illinois and New York. Somebody, please explain!


  1. Honestly, I think some people are more scared of vaginas than brown skin.

  2. Yes, I don't doubt that Rachael -- I find them nerve-wracking myself -- but why more scared in some states than in others? Are the residents of Alaska and North Dakota especially vagina-phobic, while those of Tennessee and Arizona much less so?

  3. The spanish seem to go for the clintons. Look at the results by county in California. Hillary did well in the south, Obama in the North. Tennessee? It's Gore territory. Idaho? It's the anti-Clinton vote.

    I think the vagina hasn't worked against Hillary. Because she's been Bill's vagina (at least part-time), she got herself elected to the Senate as a carpetbagger. It's my understanding that a lot of women are voting for Hillary because she is attached to a vagina.

  4. H. Clinton may be attached to one vagina, but I'm attached to several.

  5. Several? Are we talking about man-made devices?

    I was dozing off at the trading desk one afternoon, with CNBC providing background noise. I woke up when I heard Steve Ballmer say that "Microsoft wants to see a PC in every pocket." I thought for a moment that he was talking about that famous lonely-person device: the pocket pussy.

  6. Gene, I understood your point to be, in part, "Why are white people so into Obama instead of Hillary?" Imagine the typical, sensitive white liberal. A black man might be less scary than a white woman, although they'd never admit it in those terms.

    Woody, I bet that there are plenty of female voters who would choose a candidate based on something like her sex rather than her politics. But the hardcore feminists I read are usually into John Edwards (when it comes to mainstream candidates), who has an excellent track record on women's issues. And now that he's out of the race, a couple of them have come out in support of Obama. So even among the women who are most interested in seeing a female take the most powerful position in the nation, there are plenty who aren't voting for Hillary.

  7. "Why are white people so into Obama instead of Hillary?"

    No, it's why is Montana so into Obama but Tennessee not?

  8. Obama didn't do well with southern whites. Is that a surprise? Do you think Obama could win over the typical, Tennessee "Hee Haw" viewer?

    Maybe Hillary was running ads during Nascar and Roller Derby events.

  9. I guess I don't know any hardcore feminists, because I've never heard a woman (in person) say she was better disposed to the ambulance chaser than to Hillary. I've never heard anyone say that Edwards was their man. My understanding is that Edwards was especially strong with white male union members with high school or less education.

    My wife (who wears the pants in this family, thank you very much) supports Hillary. I am nominally a Republican, so I voted for Ron Paul in the primary. But I'm a somewhat educated and affluent, southern white male, and I think I'll go for Obama, if for no other reason than his record on the war in Iraq.

  10. I wonder what the age demographics are like in each of those states.

    I suspect Hillary is leading among baby boomers, but Obama among Gen X or younger.

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