Another Reason Democracy Is Bad

It reveals just how awful we all are. Under a monarchy, for example, would Andrew Sullivan have had any reason to demand that a woman make her medical records public, so that he can "breathe a sigh of relief and move on"?

Gene, are cuss words allowed on Crash Landing?


  1. "It reveals just how awful we all are."

    "We"? speak for yourself, kemosabe.

  2. Stephan, you're forgetting what an ass you are when you debate argumentation ethics.

  3. She's running for public office. If the public demands it, why shouldn't she make her medical records available?

    She's the one who wants to be vice-president, and presumably (since McCain is 72 and has had health issues) wants to be president.
    I want to know why a 44 year old pregnant woman would, after breaking water, forgo local medical care, take a 12 hour jouney from texas to alaska, and deliver a high-risk child at a small Alaskan hospital.

    Women with whom I've spoken, that have delivered under complicated circumstances, seem to think there's something wrong with this picture.

    Maybe we have no right to know, and should just bend over and vote.

  4. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I find nothing wrong, ever, with minor harassment of public officials.

    It gives them less time to harass us. In that spirit, let's see her gynecological records, obstetric records and demand a colonoscopy!

  5. Woody, does your view have anything intrinsically to do with politics? E.g. if a movie producer demands that an actress sleep with him, you think that's fine? (I'm not talking about whether it should be legal, I'm saying whether you think the guy is a jerk or not.) After all, she's vying for the job.

    Robert, doesn't your view ensure that only people with no self-respect end up in office? Is that a good thing?

  6. Anonymous11:00 AM

    OK, if I ever come across someone who is running for office that is going to remove retrictions from my life rather than add more, I would not request a colonoscopy.

    Come to think of it, there is such a man, Ron Paul. Outside of Ron Paul, among the current group, its harassment to all!!

  7. Bullshit! Eff you!!!

    The fact that you uttered that proves you think I am right.

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