For What It's Worth

Bob asked to see my CV some time ago -- here you are!


  1. Dr Murray Tyson11:52 PM

    That's it?

    You should have kept it a mystery.

  2. Cool, I didn't realize you had so many co-authors. But I think you struck a low blow with this one:

    “Histoy Is Not Geography: A Critique of Jared Diamond,” forthcoming from Imprint Academics, volume of papers from 2006 Michael Oakeshott Association Conference.

    Diamond overreaches at times, I grant you, but I seriously doubt he claimed that geography was his toy.

  3. Dr. Murray, lot's of hot air and no action -- I asked you where you had published months ago, and we ain't seen shit yet.

  4. Bob, don't you remember the day you called me "the slut of the Austrian economics world"?

  5. Dr. Murray Tyson9:27 AM

    Funny you bring my publshing up. I am currently reading Economics for Real People.

    And my review of it will appear in a major publiication:)

  6. Oh yeah...I'm glad I didn't recycle the joke!

  7. A scholarly journal, Dr. Murray? And that's all you have to offer?

    Hey, I know of people who have published far more than me, but I'm pretty happy with what I've put out in about 5 years of scholarly work. If you have just this one publication, what in the world would prompt you to ask me if "that's it"?

    Dr. Murray, put up or shut up!

  8. For what it's worth, I thought Dr. T was making a joke. It may not have been very funny, but then neither was I when I called Stephan an "ass" on the other thread.

    And anyway, a book review doesn't count. You're supposed to keep those clearly marked on your CV because other people will laugh at you if you try to pass off a book review as a publication in the journal listed.

  9. Final point (for now): And what's really funny, is Dr. T. proving he's a bigger scholar than Gene, by saying he is working on a review of...Gene's book.

    I'm not mocking you in this paragraph, Dr. T. Are you really a doctor, and of what? I can't remember if I already asked you this on the "Gene's a loser" thread...

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