We Go Now to Our Pakistani Correspondent...

I saw the most effed-up news story Friday morning. The network anchor (I think it was CNN) explained that there were reports of CIA missile attacks in Pakistan. They interviewed some Pakistani people talking about it, and then they interviewed the guy who coined the term "shock and awe." Some thoughts:

(1) Does it freak out anybody else that American media have to interview the alleged recipients of US firepower to try to determine whether our government is in the process of bombing foreigners? I kid you not, I don't think CNN even said, "The US government declined to comment on this story." I didn't hear them even mention what the US government had to say about all this, though I was in a hotel food area eating my continental breakfast, so maybe I just missed it.

(2) Does it freak out anybody else that it is the CIA who is allegedly launching missile strikes on terrorists? Isn't the CIA supposed to gather intelligence? What is the purpose of this? "Well sir, we wanted to see what would happen if you sent a missile into a guy's chest. Apparently he dies. We'll have a full report in the morning."

(3) If you are so intertwined with the Iraqi debacle that you coined the term "shock and awe," why the heck is the media even calling you anymore?


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Surely we expected the outgoing Cheney administration to escalate militarily wherever possible prior to January 20?

  2. Paula: I sure did.

    Apropos (1), no, I'm not freaked out. Isn't it better journalism to consult the presumptive bombees, who know the facts and will probably speak them, than the government sources, who usually lie?

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  4. Bob, I am reflexively agreeing with you on this one.


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