McDonald's Is Great!

I mean, the food is not so good -- however, they do a good job with fries -- but I paid $1.06 for a cup, have drank about 40 ounces of iced tea (unsweetened, OK Joe!) so far, and have been on the Internet for over two hours.

There is nothing like large, soulless corporations where none of the employees give a crap for a place to work unmolested for the afternoon.


  1. What? I didn't say nothin'.

    I'll be honest, it did take me quite a while to get used to drinking unsweetened tea, but once you get used to it it is actually pretty enjoyable. I need to eat something when I drink tea, otherwise the tannins in it tend to make me queasy, especially 40 oz worth. I prefer hot teas that have mint, cinnamon, or other spices in it, though.

    I will say one thing about McDonald's, they do have pretty excellent coffee. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I do like to grab some every now and then, and theirs is pretty darned good.

    I don't think that I've ever actually sat in a McDonald's longer than 10-15 minutes. In my neighborhood, I'd certainly be somewhat hesitant to do so.

  2. Where my place is in Madrid there's either a Burger King or a smaller cafe. At Burger King, I can spend 1.8€ on a large drink and use the internet for as long as I'd like; otherwise, I can go to the smaller cafe and spend 3€ per drink (which are actually not much healthier than BK's) and maybe buy one per 30-45min. period.

    The same thing actually goes with using the restroom. It's hard to find public restrooms in Madrid. There is a high likelihood that a bar won't let you use their restroom without being a client. But, large chain employees just don't care enough to stop you or say no.

    So, in my book large corporations 2 small businesses 0.

  3. Coincidence -- I'm about to try out a McDonald's in Budapest. Let's see how well I can communicate my order without knowing Hungarian...


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