THIS Christmas in Havana

I've just watched several hours of coverage of the Castro news. Thousands of people clogged the streets of Miami. Little Havana, Westchester and Hialeah were all packed with partygoers. Beautiful. Happy faces all around. Pure joy! I'm certainly in the wrong neighborhood for this, but glad to see it on tv.

It would kill Castro to hand over power to his brother for even five seconds, so chances are good that he's already dead or incapacitated. Many here are keeping their fingers crossed. He's a tough old bastard, so I'm definitely keeping in mind that he could revive and disappoint us all, but for the Exiles, this is extremely good news worth celebrating over--even if it only temporary.

It's a strange feeling though. I've discussed it with other friends. A sort of disbelief or inability to process the information. Like you've been putting the wrong key into a lock, over and over again, convinced that it will work...then one day the door opens anyway and you don't know what to think.

A lot of the regular emotions are flying around as well. Mom was crying in the other room for awhile. I'm sure she was thinking of all the people that died waiting for the jerk to drop dead. People she left behind like her father. I'm sure it's bittersweet for many of the older folks. As I scanned the radio for Cuban stations, I stumbled across the Cuban National Anthem on one of them. It was at Midnight, so it was probably just the regular feature, but it was fairly chilling considering what might be happening on the Island.

I can only hope that the next few weeks lead to positive changes. One butcher has ceded to another one. I know that, but that door seems open now. If we can all just get the gumption to step through it. I'm going to bed. Tomorrow might be a long day of partying. :D


  1. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Why can't the bad die young?

  2. Because as much as we hate them, we still need our entertainers.

  3. Did i just post the same thing like four times? Blogger is malfunctioning!

  4. Listened to Cuban radio for a while before falling asleep. Unfortunately, the reception was terrible. I picked up the news station and the music station though. Mostly, the US stations bled thru. So unlike after Hurricane Wilma when they were the only stations on air. You can pick them up outside the city and as far as North Florida.
    They both read off the "announcement", so they are pretty much inciting the Cubans to riot. Reports are that the cops are out. The biggest rumor here is that this is a test run, but I think Castro is too paranoid to give the reins to his little-brother-in-waiting. Too dangerous. Raul is old and ready to die too, so he anxious to be leader. He's only been waiting 47 years.

    The TV here says that despite the all night party on the streets, not a single arrest was attributed to a party goer. Hard to believe. The emergency info number is operating to quash rumors here and the Emergency Operations Center opened up last night, just in case. I should wander down to the Coast Guard station and see if they all split to guard the straits.

    Let's say the Cubans actually told the truth and Castro had a little operation. How many days would it take before the blowhard was out laughing at the Miami Mafia for killing prematurely again? If he doesn't make an appearance within a week, it's death, coma or stroke.

  5. Huh? Apparently they no longer allow "target" in the html. Oh well. Maybe I'm to tired to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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