Linda Chavez on the "new anti-Semitism"

I can't believe how much the Bush Administration has turned my former heroes (when I was a teenager) into the very thing they supposedly despise. You know how annoying it is when a liberal Democrat accuses you of racism for opposing the War on Poverty? Well, if you oppose the War on Terror you're an anti-Semite. As Chavez explains:

Gibson's claim that Jews have caused all the world's wars is only a less subtle and more grandiose version of the current mantra that "neoconservatives" have led us into war in Iraq. Make no mistake, most critics on both the left and right who inveigh against "neoconservatives" really mean "the Jews" or "Jewish influence" has caused this war. Old-fashioned anti-Semitism used to blame "Jewish bankers" for controlling the world, now, apparently, it's Jewish intellectuals who pull the strings. The Rothschilds have been replaced as villains by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer.

Well, yes, I think those guys all suck, but I didn't know Perle was Jewish. (Is that an obviously Jewish name? The others are.)

Now the people who oppose the war are mad first and foremost at "the war criminal" Bush, who's famously a Christian. But I suppose Chavez could say, "No, I'm talking about the claim that neoconservative intellectuals are secretly running the show--just as Jews are supposedly behind every bad thing in the world, according to the conspiracy theorist bigots."

OK, then what about warmonger theorist Victor Davis Hanson? Gene and I have been critizing him for a long time. He's a Christian, right? (At the very least I think he is, so if he's Jewish then my bigotry is so subtle it's hidden even from myself.) And there are tons of neoconservatives on various college campuses (campii?) who are hardcore Christians. So I guess I'm anti-Semitic and anti-Christian, too.

By the way, I lost a ton of respect for Mel Gibson because of this whole fiasco. If he said that stuff, obviously that's dumb. And if he didn't say it but apologized for damage control, then that's dumb too. But one final comment: My wife and I are both amazed at how good his mug shot looks. I mean seriously, isn't that an amazing photo for somehow hauled in on a DUI? Look at how horrible other celebrities look in National Enquirer shots.

(Of course now people will say, "Murphy is a bigot who hates Jews and he thinks Gibson should be excused for his reprehensible actions because he's cute. What a dumb mick.")


  1. Yes. "Neocon" is a code-word for "Jew": like Bill Bennett, Scoop Jackson, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Newt Gingrich and George Will. There ought to be a special corrollary of Godwin's Law just for those who invoke the Jew Card whenever a reference is made to neoconservatism.

  2. Anonymous11:27 PM

    The Rise Of Anti-Semitism
    Dr. Michael Ledeen on Fox News - video

  3. Anonymous5:27 PM

    What a dumb mick!


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