More Anti-Semitism

The last resort of warmongers, these days, is to charge anyone speaking out against the slaughter they endorse with "anti-Semitism." Moseying around the Internet today, I came up with a typically idiotic example of this tactic here.

First point: The author charges everyone on the left with anti-Semitism, and all Arabs as well: "As if anyone Arab or from the Left needed a reason to hate Israel or Jews in general." Has the author ever seen a survey of the voting pattern of American Jews? Doesn't he know that, in aggregate, Jews are well to the left of the American mean?

He blathers on:
"Like the KKK against the Black Americans. There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of blatent bias and anti-Semitism."

Yes, sure, objecting to the Israeli air force dropping bombs in downtown Beirut is just like lynching black people. And then I really chuckled when I got to his anti-bias pitch. Wouldn't his blanket condemnation of all Arabs fall into this "no excuse" zone? I bet if you get a few beers in this fellow you'll start hearing a lot of gripes about the "towel heads."

But the really insidious idea is that anyone who objects to the Israeli government killing 1000 Lebanese civilians is against Jews. My friend Peteyboy, let me tell you, the orthodox Rabbi, Israel Kirzner, to whom I dedicated my first book, did not drop a single one of those bombs. My best friend, Jamie Mandell, did not kill even one Lebanese civilian this summer. My long-time co-author, Stu Morgenstern, never blew up an apartment building in Beirut in his whole life. It is not Jews, but the criminals running the state of Israel, who have done these things, just like it is not Americans, but George Bush and puppetmasters, who have killed so many Iraqis.

In fact, it is the people who identify every action of the Israeli state with all Jews who are guilty of anti-Semitism, smearing a whole people with the crimes of a few.


  1. Excellent post, Gene.

    I'm tired of people using the "anti-semitism" escape when they are confronted with the crimes of the state of Israel.


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