No Relief Thursday!

It's interesting how the weather purveyors have really bought into sensationalizing the weather. The Weather Channel is always running some program about how your city is likely to be destroyed by a plague of locusts or hail the size of bowling balls, probably by the time the program ends. Today I looked at the Accuweather site and found a headline something like (I'm getting an error re-loading the page right now): "Northeast Heat: No Relief Thursday." Pretty awful, huh?

But when I checked the details I found that, first of all, it is going to be seven or eight degrees cooler than yesterday, and secondly, that the cold front is about one hundred miles north of me and moving my way. An alternative headline would have been, "Already cooler, cold front to hit tonight." But I guess that doen't sell as well.


  1. And it doesn't help foment global warming hysteria.

  2. The Weathermen admitted that the Atlantic is cooler this year and that's why we aren't having as many hurricanes. Isn't that proof that an ice age is upon us?

  3. *Watches as Weather goons break Gene's thumbs and hit him with a sack full of door knobs.*


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